About Rainbow

Rainbow presents a one-step DeFi hub that puts investment at the end-user's fingertips across multiple chains through the Rainbow Network's cross-chain solution.
Rainbow's Glitter Bridge Protocol provides Rainbow's interoperability with other chains such as Solana and Algorand.
Any protocol launching on Rainbow will gain immediate multi-chain status by leveraging Rainbow's interoperability.
Rainbow offers multi-chain redundancy and security. In case of an active hack or a network outage, services on other chains and fallback infrastructure would be available.
With Rainbow users can benefit from DeFi offerings without the high barriers to entry via the Glitter App.
Interoperable with Cosmos blockchains, Solana, Algorand, and EVM at launch.
Solving Cross-chain Liquidity Inefficiencies with Advanced Products
Single Asset liquidity provision which protects LP's from the risk of impermanent Loss.
Token Baskets that allow users to maintain a preset portfolio allocation split while limiting risk, generating a return, and preserving split percentages.


Q3 2022
Rainbow Documentation
Rainbow Deck & Whitepaper
Q4 2022
Rainbow Tokenomics
Rainbow pre-seed and private sale
Q1 2023
Rainbow blockchain infrastructure development
Bridge Network Development
EVM Network Integration
Bridge Network Development
Cosmos Network Integration
Q2 2023
Cross-chain decentralization development
Glitter Bridge Node-Network Private testing
Rainbow Testnet Validators Onboarding
Q3 2023
Rainbow Network testnet launch
Rainbow testnet private & public testing
Rainbow infrastructure Audit
Q4 2023
Rainbow mainnet private launch
Rainbow token deployment and public sale
Rainbow token listing and distribution
Q1 2024
Rainbow mainnet public launch
Mobile app launch
Aptos & Sui Network Integration
Post Mainnet
Rainbow Liquidity Protocol
Launch cross-chain native asset swap
Rainbow Dex
Lending & Borrowing Protocol