Interview with David, Founder and CEO of the Rainbow Network

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What's good in the hood, folks? I'll tell you what. Today my guest is — David Dobrovitsky, the Founder and CEO of the Rainbow Network.

David was a core contributor to two other successful DeFi protocols before establishing the Glitter Finance Interoperability Protocol. David was also a CBDO of a major blockchain development and marketing firm. Before coming into a blockchain, David worked in marketing, operations, and business development within the high-tech space.

Chris: Hi there! Thanks for taking the time with me. RainbowNetwork "is A LAYER-1, CREATING CROSS-CHAIN LIQUIDITY-AS-A-SERVICE, CONNECTING ALL BLOCKCHAINS, ON COSMOS" — can you unpack these slogans for us?

David: Rainbow is a connector blockchain. Through the Glitter Finance interoperability protocol, Rainbow gains interoperability with EVM blockchains, as well as non-EVM blockchains such as Algorand and Solana. Further, as a layer-1 built on Cosmos and with the Tendermint consensus protocol, Rainbow has access to interoperability within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Having a major connection with Glitter is a major advantage as Rainbow gains the ability to act as a crosschain liquidity-as-a-service provider. Therefore, all protocols that launch on Rainbow not only have instant interoperability, but their liquidity gets augmented by Rainbow.

Chris: How long have you guys been operational and how successful? Can you share some data?

David: Rainbow is currently in development. However, since Glitter and Rainbow are so interconnected, what is developed for Glitter will be easily expanded for Rainbow, therefore we are in a robust development stage.

Chris: Nice! I see you have come a long way — tell us about the creation of the company. How the idea was formed?

David: As we were developing Glitter, we became aware of the need to store large amounts of liquidity. We also wanted a way to work the liquidity to augment it and to create more liquidity. As such, creating a blockchain infrastructure to bolster Glitter became an obvious idea, and as we also wanted interoperability with Cosmos, we decided to build on Cosmos. Cosmos was also chosen as it’s a very scalable and proven technology.

Chris: Can you tell us about Glitter interoperability?

David: Glitter creates interoperability by wrapping tokens as a traditional crosschain bridge. Unlike traditional bridges however, Glitter can also create interoperability via crosschain swaps, which do not wrap tokens. Further, Glitter takes interoperability one step further, by creating automated crosschain trading through our crosschain arbitrage and liquidation bots. Glitter treats interoperability as a trading environment whole, rather than just a way to transfer value from one blockchain to another.

Chris: What are your next big steps?

David: Currently, we are launching our Ethereum and Avalanche crosschain swaps, which will be followed by: Tron, Hedera, Stellar, and Flow. Further, we are expanding our interoperability with EVMs, and adding the ability to wrap tokens in Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Lastly, we are launching our crosschain arbitrage and liquidation bots. All of these platform components will be key for Rainbow as well.

Chris: Do you have an active community?

David: Yes, we have a community of over 100,000 followers on Twitter, and are very active on telegram and Discord.

Chris: Great! In the end — can you speak about your Blog and why you put a lot of effort into content marketing?

David: We want to tell people about ourselves, bring them interesting content, so that we build our community enthusiasm, and hopefully bring new people into blockchain.

Chris: Thanks for the talk. Best of luck to you guys! Where can we follow your updates?

David: Here are some links:

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